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German American Business Chamber of Central Florida


The German American Business Chamber of Central Florida’s chief aim is to foster business development and further formations of relationships between the United States and Germany. The GABC was founded by several thought leaders in Central Florida with diverse backgrounds in investing, legal, accounting and real estate. The intention of the GABC was to foster “Networking Opportunities” for individuals and enterprises. Over the years, the GABC has developed into a bilateral informational exchange for a multitude of professionals. We have seen many new relationships and economic development formed out of the GABC’s commitment to growth.

Come be a part of the GABC and its incredible vision of expansion in Central Florida.

GABC’s Philosophy

Our Mission is to serve individuals and enterprises with ties to Germany and/or the United States and present them with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and enterprises. We feel that this will naturally produce great working relationships as well as provide a pool of highly qualified employees for local businesses who do business in Germany and the US. These connections can be made through our website and numerous events throughout the year. See our calendar of events.

Attention Event Reminder!

Attention Event Reminder!

End of Summer Multicultural Event Please join us for our End of Summer Multicultural Event with the French American Business Council, German American Business Council and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. August 29, 2017 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Earls Kitchen and Bar...

The German American Business Chamber of Central Florida, Inc. (GABC) offers its members many unique opportunites to network with its members. Regardless of whether you are looking to connect with other local businesses or German based enterprises, being a member of the GABC presents an extraordinary opportunity to get connected.

Would you like to stay current on upcoming GABC events and networking opportunities? Why not become a member? It’s affordable and effective.  Start benefiting from being a member of the GABC today.

Upcoming events will be available here. Please check back as we regularly update this information with new opportunities for you to connect with other like-minded individuals and businesses.